UEFA Euro 2021 AXL and Sticker Collections are coming very soon!



Disney – Frozen II AXL Trading Card

The Frozen-2 AXL Trading Cards are now on sale throughout Convenience Stores, like 7-Eelven and Circle K.

Collection Tins (Regular and Pocket) are also available for collectors’ preference before New Year,

This is a very uncommon card collection under limited supply in Hong Kong.

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Following The Incredible Success Of 2020 Editions for Premier League collection.  We continue to present the sew season 2021 .  It is an uncommon season for Premier League teams, especially the players.  Some great players are rising, like Greenwood of Manchester United. Quality of the Sticker Starter Pack is over value to all collectors.   Coming in Hong Kong  in January 2021 soon!
  • Very Special Early Bird Offer for Full-Set Sticker Collection :-
Price : HK $3,220.00 $2,290.00 Category : Hot Item,Premier League,
Euro 2021
The best of European football in a high-impact collection
Captains cards dedicated to the 20 team leaders; European football’s emerging talents (Wonder Kids); the tireless All-Round Players; Line-Ups of each nation; and the Magic Moments on the road to qualification that led the squads to UEFA Euro 2021™. The 468 cards are divided into five categories: Base, Fans, Power-Up, Multiple and Rare, each printed on a different material. The main collection will be followed by the Completion Release, containing 36 cards dedicated to the four teams qualified though the play-offs.
  • Special Offer Only for  Full-Set Preview Edition -
Price : HK $2,800.00 $1,800.00 Category : Hot Item,Special Hot Category,UEFA Euro,
Frozen 2 (NEW EDITION) Sticker Collection follows Anna on her journey in this fantastic sticker album. Packed with colorful and exciting imagery, the new collection from Panini will be set to be a huge hit with Frozen fans and collectors again in 2021. Visit our site to update at all times.
Category : Hot Item,Frozen,
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Following The Incredible Success Of The Previous Editions, Panini Is Proud To Present The All New Trading Card Game! PANINI FIFA 365 ADRENALYN XL 2021 With Special Features And Original Content, Another Great New Collection Including: All The World Top Clubs, Teams And Players! More Players And Dedicated Info With Exclusive Sections And Special Cards To Celebrate The Top World Stars.
  • Uncommon Offer for One Box (24 packs):
Price : HK $360.00 $309.00 Category : Hot Item,FIFA365,

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New season for PREMIER LEAGUE 2021, the official trading card and sticker collections will be launched after Nov 20 and Jan.  21, 2021.  Never too late! Keep up with your collection value.   Place your order at Contact Us now!

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  • FIFA365-2021, the best trading card collection for world top football clubs and football players.
  • You mention!   Any of yours favorite superstars are there!
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  • UEFA Euro 2021 歐洲國家杯 Sticker AND AXL Card Preview Collections .
  •  “Euro 2021 Preview Sticker 歐國杯預備版 貼紙2021”
  •  “Euro 2021 Preview AXL Card歐國杯預備版足球咭2021”


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