PREMIER LEAGUE 2022 STICKERS; AXL Trading Card and Star Signature Card ONSALE NOW! 英超2021-2022貼紙 ;足球咭現已發售!

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Very limited supply to HKSAR!

  •  Premier League 2022 Sticker
  •  Premier League 2022 AXL Trading Card,
  • Top Soccer Star of Premier League 2022  Signature Cards (First released)

On sale at selected convenience stores,  bookshop chains, and district newsstand kiosks.    We offer Free Home Delivery to Collectors!

Sticker Starter Pack x 1 +  50 Sticker Packs (one box)  at  HK$320 only!

Starter Pack x 1  + AXL Card Box (24 packs) x 1 at  HK$460 only!

Star Signing Booster Set (44 Special + 2 Limited) at   HK$180 only!     

起始Sticker 組合裝(包郵費)只售 HK$320!

起始Trading咭組合裝(包郵費)只售 HK$460!

2022 英超球星轉會咭全套(44張特別咭+2張絕版咭)只售HK$180!     

  • Hong Kong collectors are postage FREE(免本地郵費).   Outside Hong Kong HK$250 postage per transaction will be added.    This is a very special offer for Hong Kong.   


  • 供應有限,請速訂購,享有特價。

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PANINI FIFA 365 ADRENALYN XL 2021 (國際足球聯合會365-2022) With Special Features And Original Content, Another Great New Collection Including All The World Top Clubs, Teams And Players! More Players And Dedicated Info With Exclusive Sections And Special Cards To Celebrate The Top World Stars.
  • 全球頂尖足球俱樂部頂尖球員都在此收集系列中
  • Uncommon Offer for One Box (24 packs):
Price : HK $360.00 $324.00 Category : Hot Item,FIFA365,

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  • Important Announcement !!
Official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (2022 世界杯之路) sticker and AXL Card collections feature 40 teams roading to the final at qater 2022 ARE on sale now!
Never be too late! Keep up with your collection value. 
  • Contact Us to make orders and for missing stickers.

  • 數量有限,請早訂購 。





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OUT VERY SOON   (Dec- 2021) !
  • FIFA365-2022 (國際足球聯合會365-2022) AXL trading card and sticker collection for the top football clubs and football players in the World!
  •  全球頂尖足球俱樂部頂尖球員都在此收集系列中
  • Your most favorite superstars are there.  Collect it ALL!
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