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Welcome to our Company

Constancy Trading Company (since 1988), the HKSAR and MacauSAR Exclusive Distributor for Panini S.p.A. Italy – the international sticker and trading game card publisher.

Important Announcement !!


    Purchase the newest sticker and game card collections NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE with very special offers! Go to On Sale Product for your favorites NOW!

    Order missing Stickers and missing Game Cards, please go to Contact Us OR Email to: jl5674@printpaper.com OR whl109@netvigator.com

Order your missing Stickers and Game Cards : please key in your collection title and missing numbers for checking. We will confirm the procedures and costs as soon as possible. For current collections starting from 2018, HK$5/sticker (World Cup 2018 HK$6 each); over 1 year HK$6 each; over 2 years HK$8 each. Remember to send us your mailing address after payment.

We accept PayPal.:

A fixed postage will be added on stickers or cards purchase

HK$50 for HKSAR;
HK$100 for Macau SAR;
HK$300 covering world zones

Hot Item


  • FIFA-365 2017

    Great collection from FIFA after the 2016 version.  Covering the world’s strongest football club and super players.  Really shing the eyes of football fans.  Card game is attractive enough to play online.


    Jonathan L, Malaysia

  • NBA 2015

    NBA eventually is on sale. Great collection this season. Seems it is the first time I collected.

    Curry what a basketballer.


    Lung Emery, UK

  • UEFA EURO 2012

    Splendid collections and it has taken a long time at the retail points for packs.

    It’s fun to run everywhere!

    Unfortunately, nothing we could find at Mongolia.

    Zen at Uranbador

  • UEFA EURO 2016

    It Seems a Great Value fro collecting Euro 2016 both sticker and card collections. Recalled a lot of great moment. Worth To Buy!.

    Barry , China

  • Frozen

    DISNEY FROZEN I have been waiting for this collection and eventually it is going to release. My kids love it very much!

    Susana HKSAR

  • World Cup 2010 South Africa

    It is wonderful collections and it has taken a long time at the retail point. It’s fun to run everywhere!

    Nicolas Owen

  • OFFCIAL FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil

    FIFA WC2014 Brazil very interesting collection both sticker and card.

    Online Challenge was great fun. What a Brazil! Quite disappointed!

    Jim Smith

  • Disney Finding Dory

    Disney Inside Out a very funny and sentimental conversation pictures. Characters are looked as if ugly enough but you love them beautifully. Highly recommend to Disney fans. Same creative team of Monster, I was told. Enjoy!

    Richard/Angelina, HKSAR

  • Road to FIFA World Cup 2014

    HI suppose there will be no more WC collection for 2014.

    The one I just finalized, is the Road to FIFA World 2014 Brazil.

    Official one will be released in April 2014.

    Will chase.

    Joseph S., macau sar

  • UEFA Champions League 2014 Special Online Card Game

    Champions League 2014 Online Interesting online card game.

    Spent more than USD300 is worth! Thanks Constancy.

    Ming, Guangzhou