UEFA Euro 2021 AXL Trading Card

Euro 2021 AXL Card Collection


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The best of European football in a high-impact collection

Captains cards dedicated to the 20
team leaders; European football’s emerging talents (Wonder Kids); the tireless
All-Round Players; Line-Ups of each nation; and the Magic Moments on the road
to qualification that led the squads to UEFA Euro 2020™. The 468 cards are divided
into five categories: Base, Fans, Power-Up, Multiple and Rare, each printed on a
different material. The main collection will be followed by the Completion Release,
containing 36 cards dedicated to the four teams qualified though the play-offs.

Number of cards: 468
Number of special cards: 208
(on 4 different special materials)
30 inside sleeves (9 pockets each)
Packet Content: 8 cards
Packet printed on polytenate paper
Display Box of 50 packets


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