Panini and Premier League sign exclusive worldwide agreement
Panini UK has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement to become the Official Stickers and Trading Cards Licensee of the Premier League from Season 2019/20. The agreement covers retail and promotional product, both physical and digital.
Peter Warsop, Panini Group Licensing Director said ‘The coming together of Panini and the Premier League is wonderful news for the global collectables market. Panini’s international reach of both retail and promotional collectables provide the perfect platform to grow the business.’
Mike Riddell, Managing Director of Panini UK added ‘This is a game-changer for the UK market. The Premier League is the strongest league in the world and our challenge is to restore the UK football collectables market to number one.’
Richard Masters, Managing Director, Premier League said ‘Panini has an excellent reputation for producing high quality and popular collectable football stickers and trading cards that are popular with fans across the world. We look forward to working with them from season 2019/20 onwards.’
About Panini
Panini Group, established more than 55 years ago in Modena, Italy with subsidiaries throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States, is the world leader in the published collectable sector and the leading multi-national publisher of comics, children’s magazines, and manga in Europe and Latin America. The company has distribution channels in more than 130 countries and employs a staff of over 1200. For more information visit
Date: Mar-23-2019


Panini UK已簽署獨家全球協議,成為英超聯賽2019/20賽季起的官方足球貼紙和足球咭授權出版人。該協議涵蓋零售和促銷,包括實體和數字產品。
Panini集團版權總監Peter Warsop表示,Panini和英超聯賽的合作對於全球收藏出版市場來說是個好消息。 Panini的全球零售和促銷收藏出版產品的國際網絡及範圍,給發展業務提供了完美的平台。
Panini英國公司董事總經理Mike Riddell補充說:“這是一個改變英國市場的遊戲規則”。英超聯賽是世界上最強的聯賽,我們的挑戰是將英國足球收藏出版市場恢復到第一位。
Premier League英超聯賽常務董事總經理 查德•馬斯特斯(Richard Masters)表示,Panini在出版生產高品質和受歡迎的足球貼紙和足球咭方面享有盛譽,這些收藏產品深受全球粉絲歡迎。我們期待著從2019/20賽季起開始與他們合作。
關於 Panini S.p.A.
Date: Mar-23-2019


We quote some collectors’ enquiries in respect of Missing Service for providing to global collection friends

Dear CTC,

I have already transfer the payment. Attached is the bank slip.Please help to order the following stickers.

FIFA World Cup 2014 (total-128stickers)

  • 5,23,25,26,29,34,37,38,44,45,51,60,66,67,77,78,79,80,83,95,99 (21stickers)
  • 103,107,110,112,114,115,116,117,119,122,123,126,130,132,134,139,142,143,145,150,168,190,195,(23stickers)
  • 254,259,261,264,270,271,274,275,278,289,293 (11stickers)
  • 303,314,320,325,328,331,358,362,366,372,375,378,385,389,395,398,399 (17stickers)
  • 403,406,408,409,413,414,418,420,421,425,426,430,444,448,450,452,456,460,464,472,475,479,482,487,488,489 (26 stickers)
  • 506,507,520,521,524,528,532,535,539,541,543,544,547,550,551,552,555,556,587,596,599 (21stickers)
  • 603,604,605,607,609,610,617,619,636, (9 stickers)
  • FIFA World Cup 2010: (26stickers)
  • 29,32,36,44,76,149,246,298,301,341,349,360,379,385,391,405,423,477,495,512,548,553,586,623,635,637

Thanks a lot.

Keith Yiu


From: Keith Yiu

Sent: Monday, September 1, 2016 12:20 PM


Subject: Re: Enquiries for missing stickers

Thanks your reply.

Just wonder the price of the 2016 stickers is increase? The early email you replied is $5/pre one sticker.
Or just typing error?





From: helen lam

Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2013 8:41 PM


Subject: Attn. : Disney – The Planes


I am collecting the stickers for Planes & would like to order the following stickers :

  • 4, 43, 49, 54, 66, 76, 80, 82, 90, 91, 93,
  • 102, 126, 131, 135, 143, 149,151, 156, 160, 170, 172, 183,
  • P2, P3, P5, P6, P9, P12, P13, P18, P20

Please kindly let me know how to order the stickers and the payment method!

Thanks a lot!


寄件人︰ Mina

收件人︰ JL5674

傳送日期︰ 2013年03月13日 (週三) 11:04 PM

主題︰ 回覆︰ UEFA Champion League 2013


Thank you for your notice and attached please find the file of my missing stickers to the collection (total 60 stickers). Appreciate if you can check the availability and advise the total amount to be paid if shipment is to Macau.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.



From: KS Ho

Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 11:42 PM


Subject: Euro2012,Euro2008,World Cup2010

I am looking for Euro2008-219

World Cup2010-

  • 64,67,76,87,105,133,137,160,182,195,201,215,225,255,256,264,269,286,301,310, 341,344,358,380,398,410,415,417,418,419,426,442,459,463,477,479, 530,531,595,598,604,612,628,629,636
  • Euro2012-1,2,3,45,48,138,194X2,196,223X3,254,282X2,369,386,428,455,485