Finding Dory


Finding Dory

2.50 out of 5

Great movie in 2016 summer holidays by The Walt Disney.
A very specially licensed sticker collection.

Album HK$30/copy ; Sticker HK$4/pack

all prices not include postage to your home


Product Description

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Many specially produced stickers, glossy and shining. Over 160+ required

海底奇兵2 ( Finding Dory ) 貼紙收藏集是一本由 華特迪士尼(Walt Disney) 繼Frozen,
Inside Out 後特別受權 Panini, Italy 出版的珍貴收藏集。相信很多世代的讀者和電影觀眾都會對 Walt Disney的精心製作十分喜愛和認同。

海底奇兵2 ( Finding Dory )是獲得電視Show名嘴 德詹尼斯的參與。 上集的導演Andrew Stanton,也為續集延續功力。

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  1. 3 out of 5


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  2. 2 out of 5


    Okay I’m conidncev. Let’s put it to action.

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